Some Dhoom 3 Thoughts

1. You go over speed in the streets of a city like Chicago after a robbery, with a helmet that clearly reveals your face,and with lots of cops chasing you behind, you will can never be arrested for anything.

a) Of course not for the ROBBERY since Jai Dixit (The No. 1 police officer from Mumbai and Mumbai means India, FYI) has always taught us, a thief can only be caught from the place of theft while he is stealing something(You cant believe this logic? You fool. Even Bunty Chor believed this once. Now, who are you?). And at last show me a visual of Aamir Khan’s character stealing a penny from the Banks he entered. Every time “Money Rain” happens when he climbs down the building. Who told you he made it happen? Its just a phenomenon. That’s it. So no evidence. No action!

b) Not for OVER SPEED. Since in a poor city like Chicago, no cameras will be placed in the streets which can record the face of someone riding in a bike, over speed. If there was, the cameras must be only live streaming the events, there will not be RECORDING facility. Government Authorities of Chicago, Rishiraj Singh can help you.

c) Some cop vehicles were crashed in the chase, several people were injured, chaos was created. Lot of people saw Aamir’s face, who created all these. Even that is not a good reason to arrest him. Fuck you! Aise bade bade deshom me, aisi chotte chotte galthiya ho hi jaatha hai!

2. I loved the trailer of the South Indian Film happened in between, one that SRK in his films strongly laugh at, that is having hero flying to hit the villain, hero and the supporting actor ride in an autorikshaw over non-concreted roofs of Mumbai slums, and what not.. All the mad shits. When will this South Indian Cinema get a life? Seriously…

3. Uday Chopra’s Akbar Ali is the crucial factor of the movie.When Jai decides to quit, he inspires Jai Dixit to stay at Chicago just to regain his “Ijjath”(Respect). And then they decides to stay. Where is this “Ijjath” at the end of the story? Shhhhhh…. It was just Jai Dixit’s love towards the movie, that he remained there. If he had gone, the director couldn’t have given the name DHOOM 3 to the movie. He could have searched another one. The Prestige 2, The Prestige Again, Phir Se Prestige, perhaps.

4. Kathrina Kaif did all the hard work for the movie, learned all the circus, all the moves, perhaps better than Aamir did and all she gets is 3 songs and 4 dialogues, plus one crying scene for, say, 10 secs? 20 secs? Hmm… Yeah.. Now that is just woow!

5. Aamir Khan choses his films giving the primary importance to SCRIPT. That is evident. It’s not his fault the director didn’t show the Jai-Ali part to him. Blame the director! Script na dikhane ki side effects!

6. And finally, Jai Dixit when disguising himself as a Poor Man from India, while adding a beard and mustache he forgot to add a dried grape like thing in the cheek! Man… What are you doing? Like… This is the only rule…


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