NORTH 24 Kaatham : An actor elevates a script

If you want to see an actor lifting a script by his performance, go and watch NORTH 24 Kaatham.

Fahadh Faasil. What a talented actor he is! I never saw saw Fahad on screen, not a single moment he remained Fahad there, rather he was Hari, from the very beginning to the end! The precision he had in the behavioral characteristics of Hari was unbelievable!

And Nedumudi Venu! I wont say, the film utilized him at his best. But there are moments where this great actor steals the show.

The script has flaws, I can show you many, the climax was not up to the mark, still something in this movie made me love it! That I guess is Fahad!

North 24 Kaatham is definitely a good attempt!


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